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Europe SNES Roms

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Samurai Shodown (E) [!]
SeaQuest DSV (E)
Secret of Evermore (E) [!]
Secret of Mana (V1.0) (E)
Secret of Mana (V1.1) (E) [!]
Sensible Soccer - International Edition (E)
Sensible Soccer (E)(31010)
Sensible Soccer (E)(37362)
Shadowrun (E)
Shaq Fu (E) [!]
Side Pocket (E) [!]
Sim City (E) [!]
Sim City 2000 (E) [!]
Simpsons, The - Bart's Nightmare (E)
Simpsons, The - Itchy & Scratchy (E)
Simpsons, The - Krusty's Super Fun House (E) [!]
Simpsons, The - Krusty's Super Fun House (E) [a1]
Sink or Swim (E)
Sky Blazer (E)
Smash Tennis (E) [!]
Smash TV (E)
Smurfs 2, The (E) [!]
Smurfs, The (E)
Soccer Kid (E)
Soccer Shootout (E)
Sonic Blastman (E)
Space Ace (E)
Spanky's Quest (E)
Sparkster (E)
Spawn (E) [!]
Spectre (E) [!]
Spider-Man - Animated (E)
Spider-Man - Maximum Carnage (E) [!]
Spider-Man - Separation Anxiety (E)
Spider-Man and the X-Men (E)
Spindizzy Worlds (E)
Spirou (E)
Star Fox Competition - Weekend Edition (E) [!]
Star Trek - Deep Space Nine - Crossroads of Time (E)
Star Trek - Starfleet Academy (E)
Star Trek - The Next Generation - Future's Past (E)
Stargate (E)
Starwing (V1.0) (E)
Starwing (V1.1) (E) [!]
Street Combat (E)
Street Fighter Alpha 2 (E) [!]
Street Fighter II - The World Warrior (E) [!]
Street Fighter II Turbo (V1.0) (E) [!]
Street Fighter II Turbo (V1.1) (E) [!]
Street Racer (E)
Strike Gunner (E)
Striker (E)
Stunt Race FX (E)
Sunset Riders (E)
Super Adventure Island (E)
Super Adventure Island II (E)
Super Aleste (E)
Super Battleship (E)
Super Battletank (E)
Super Battletank 2 (E) [!]
Super BC Kid (E)
Super Bomberman (E)
Super Bomberman 2 (E)
Super Bomberman 3 (E)
Super Castlevania IV (E) [!]
Super Chase HQ (E) [!]
Super Conflict (E) [!]
Super Double Dragon (E) [!]
Super Double Dragon (E) [a1]
Super Earth Defense Force (E)
Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts (E)
Super Goal! (E) [!]
Super Hockey (E)
Super Ice Hockey (E)
Super International Cricket (E)(31119) [!]
Super International Cricket (E)(64074) [!]
Super James Pond 2 (E) [!]
Super Mario All-Stars & World (E) [!]
Super Mario All-Stars (E) [!]
Super Mario Kart (E) [!]
Super Mario World (V1.0) (E)
Super Mario World (V1.1) (E) [!]
Super Metroid (E) [!]
Super Morph (E)
Super NES - Nintendo Scope 6 (E) [!]
Super Off Road (E) [!]
Super Pang (E)
Super Pinball - Behind the Mask (E)
Super Probotector - The Alien Rebels (E)
Super Punch-Out!! (E)
Super Putty (E)
Super R-Type (E)
Super Soccer (E)
Super Solitaire (E)
Super Star Wars - Empire Strikes Back (E) [!]
Super Star Wars - Return of the Jedi (E) [!]
Super Star Wars (E) [!]
Super Street Fighter 2 - The New Challengers (E) [!]
Super Strike Eagle (E)
Super SWIV (E)
Super Tennis (V1.0) (E)
Super Tennis (V1.1) (E) [!]
Super Turrican (E)
Super Turrican 2 (E)
Syndicate (E) [!]
Syndicate (E) [a1]
Syvalion (E)
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