Region Game Title
USA DOOM (Installer) [SW] (1993)(id Software, Inc.) [Action]
USA Prince Of Persia (1990)(Broderbund Software, Inc.) [Adventure, Action]
USA Stormlord (1989)(Hewson Consultants Ltd.) [Action]
USA WWF Wrestlemania (1991)(Ocean Software Ltd.) [Sports, Action]
Europe Command & Conquer- Red Alert V1.04 (1996)(Virgin Interactive Entertainment Ltd.) [Strategy]
USA Command & Conquer V1.07 [h1][b1] (1995)(Virgin Interactive Entertainment, Inc.) [Strategy]
USA Mortal Kombat (1993)(Acclaim Entertainment, Inc.) [Action]
USA X-Fighter (198x)(Wordworks Software) [Action]
USA Warcraft- Orcs & Humans V1.12 (Installer) (1994)(Blizzard Entertainment Inc.) [Strategy]
USA Alone In The Dark (1992)(Infogrames) [Adventure, Role-Playing (RPG)]
USA WWF WrestleMania (1995)(Acclaim Entertainment, Inc.) [Action, Sports]
USA PornPipe (1993)(Sexxy Software) [Strategy, Action, Adult]
USA Golden Axe (1990)(Sega Entertainment Inc) [Action]
USA X Rock (Cn) [h1] (1990)(Soft-World) [Strategy, Adult]
USA Call Of Cthulhu- Shadow Of The Comet (1994)(I-Motion, Inc.) [Adventure]
USA Executioners (1992)(Bloodlust Software) [Action]
USA Cover Girl Strip Poker (Nl) (1991)(Emotional Pictures) [Strategy, Cards, Adult]
USA Descent II [b1] (1996)(Interplay Productions, Inc.) [Action]
USA MechWarrior (1989)(Activision, Inc.) [Action, Simulation]
USA Xuanyuan Jian (Cn) (1990)(Softstar) [Role-Playing (RPG)]
USA Zimon V1.02 [SW] (1992)(MorganSoft) [Strategy]
USA Endless Horror V1.2 [SW] (1993)(John Shramko) [Action]
USA Dangerous Dave In The Haunted Mansion (1991)(Softdisk Publishing) [Action]
USA Outlaw 1997 [SWR] (1994)(Sandbird Software) [Action]
USA Cover Girl Strip Poker (En)(De)(Fr)(It) (1991)(Emotional Pictures) [Strategy, Cards, Adult]
USA Xatax [SWR] (1994)(Pixel Painters Corporation) [Action]
USA Montezuma's Revenge [DC] (1984)(BCI Software) [Action]
USA Xargon I- Beyond Reality V3.0 [SWR] (1993)(Epic MegaGames, Inc.) [Action]
USA Star Castle PC (1994)(John Dondzila) [Action]
USA Wu Jiang Zheng Ba 2 (1995)(Panda Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd.) [Action]
USA Alone In The Dark 2 (1993)(I-Motion, Inc.) [Action, Adventure]
USA Penthouse- Hot Numbers Deluxe (En)(De) (1993)(Magic Bytes) [Strategy, Adult]
USA Dimo's Quest (1993)(Boeder Games) [Strategy, Action]
USA Dungeon Master V3.4 (En)(De)(Fr) (1990)(Psygnosis Limited) [Action, Role-Playing (RPG)]
USA WUZ V1.1 (1989)(Wayne McWilliams) [Adventure, Adult]
USA MDK (1997)(Playmates Interactive Entertainment, Inc.) [Action]
USA Wumpus II [a1] (1982)(Anonymous) [Strategy]
USA Warcraft II- Tides Of Darkness - More War- The Return Of The Horde (1996)(x-treme Entertainment International) [Strategy, Addon]
USA X-Fire (1991)(Frank Golazeski) [Action]
USA Johnny Abbot's Sex Adventures I (2001)(Bulma Produktions) [Adventure, Adult]
USA Zak McKracken And The Alien Mindbenders (1988)(Lucasfilm Games) [Adventure]
USA Passion Pit (1988)(Western Reserve Automation Inc.) [Adventure, Interactive Fiction, Adult]
USA Rampage V1.1 [a1] (1988)(Activision, Inc.) [Action]
USA Bug Killer 3D (Pl) (1998)(M&Ch Company) [Action]
USA Police Quest- In Pursuit Of The Death Angel (SCI) V2.0 (1992)(Sierra On-Line, Inc.) [Adventure]
USA Mortal Kombat 3 (1995)(Atari, Inc.) [Action]
USA F-19 Stealth Fighter V435.02 (1988)(MicroProse Software, Inc.) [Simulation]
USA RoboCop (1989)(Erbe Software, S.A.) [Action]
USA Xargon Trilogy V3.0 [SWR] (1994)(Epic MegaGames, Inc.) [Action]
USA Cowbobs- Showdown At The Unnamed Saloon (1997)(Hamster Republic Productions) [Action]