How to Play ROM Hacks & Use IPS Files

IPS Files are files you patch to the real, non-modified version of a ROM. If you've downloaded a ROM Hack from a ROM website, you probably don't need to read these as it's already patched. To apply a HACK to a ROM, follow the below instructions.

1. Download Hack (.IPS File)

Download the hack to your computer (of course), but make sure to extract it if it's a compressed file. If not, that's okay.

2. Download IPS Patching Tool

To patch the hack to the ROM, you need a tool called the LUNAR IPS. Click the button below to download it.
Download Lunar IPS

3. Patch the ROM

If you don't already have the ROM, you'll need to find an un-altered version (just the regular ROM). Find it in our ROM section, click here. To patch the ROM open Lunar IPS -> Select the Hack -> Click Open -> Select the ROM -> Click Open.

Your Done!

That's it, pretty simple right? Go open your emulator and open the patched ROM. You may get "data errors" or "glitches", this is common among hacks, don't worry too much about them.